Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Michael Kors, the Fashion Designer of the Moment

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You may be surprised to learn that Michael Kors has been around a long time. We have the impression here in Europe that Michael Kors has just appeared on the scene in the last couple of years. He has certainly made an impact in that time. He is everywhere you look. He is opening a new shop on Bond Street in London’s West End, but he is also in the upmarket Westfield shopping centre, he is in Harrods, House of Fraser and John Lewis. He has a new collection for Net-a-porter.

As any designer knows, it is quite difficult to be everywhere, but if you are everywhere, you also need to be selling everywhere; otherwise, before you know it, you are nowhere. But Michael Kors is selling everywhere. So how is Michael Kors doing it? And who is Michael Kors anyway?

Michael Kors is an American designer who was born in 1959. He studied at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and in 1981 he launched his women’s fashion line in a number of New York’s best known fashion stores. In 1997 he was appointed the Creative Director of the French Fashion house Celine. It was only in October 2003 that Kors left Celine to concentrate on building up his own brand.
Michael Kors’ fashion lines are comfortably in the Luxury category with a price tag to match. He has well designed fashionable clothes with sensible nuances and interesting colours. Kors himself says that he wants women to feel good in his clothes, and they should certainly do that. But Kors has matched his clothes lines with extremely well designed accessories. His watches, his handbags, his shoes even his sunglasses, are very well designed and certainly have a special modern look, feel and touch about them. They certainly have the ‘Je ne sais quoi’ factor.

Michael Kors’ impact has been such that we have had to adapt the English language to suit him. The English word ‘Cor’, an informal word to express surprise and admiration, as in ‘Cor! What a beautiful handbag!’ has now become ‘Kors! What a beautiful handbag!’

Again the need to give an explanation on why on one bought the handbag in the first place has moved from ‘’Cause’, short for ‘Because’, a conjunction which means ‘for the reason that’ which does not give a reason without further explanation. This has simply been adapted to ‘Kors’ as in ‘Why did you buy this handbag?’ The answer is ‘Kors!’, where no further explanation is needed.

So do you have your Michael Kors accessory for the summer? The answer is quite simply  ‘Of Kors!’

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