Friday, 29 July 2011

A Tribute to Amy Winehouse

We only said Goodbye with Words

Amy sang songs with a hundred words
Though they were as fleeting as the birds
That flew to a thousand lands around the place,
They brought a smile to every face.

Before our very eyes she became a star,
Her talent was as immense as the oceans,
We would never know quite how far
She could stir up all the emotions.

We listened intently to her every word,
Cherished every song we heard,
But there was simply nowhere to hide,
From the demons she felt inside.

Though Amy cried her tears dry,
She always held her head high,
There was to be no turning back
She would always go Back to Black.

There are no words which could express
When she was clearly in distress,
We can only say goodbye with words,
Though they are as graceful as the birds.

Amy cried a thousand times when she cried,
She died a hundred times before she died,
We can only say goodbye with words
She was as fleeting as the birds,
She was as fleeting as the birds….

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  1. That is an amazing poem! Very thought provoking and really captures her enigmatic life.


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