Monday, 20 June 2011

The Cinderella Syndrome

Once upon a time, a beautiful young lady left a party in a real hurry and in her haste she left one of her stunning shoes behind. A shell- shocked prince was left with his heart in turmoil with only a shoe in his hand as a clue to the identity of the beautiful lady he had spent the evening with. There and then the prince vowed to find his princess via her shoes. Ever since that time, ladies have had something about shoes. Shoes that can turn an ordinary girl into a princess.

So what is it about women and shoes? Surely the most famous shoe colletion is that from Imelda Marcos, the wife of Ferdinand Marcos, the President of the Philippines from 1965-1986. After the people’s revolution, the angry crowds stormed the President’s palace. Within the palace walls, the people discovered Imelda’s collection of more than 3,000 shoes. Although there were many more extreme extravagances, it was the shoe collection which came to symbolize the Marcos’s extravagances.

If you think about it, it is perhaps not surprising that women collect shoes. After all, do men not collect everything from antique cars, wine, stamps and coins? A recent study by Co-operative Insurance has shown the extent of the women’s passion for shoes. While the average woman in the UK will have about twenty pairs of shoes, about half of those are purchased for special occasions that never arrive.

The most important reasons why women purchase shoes were to go with a new outfit (52%), to stay on trend (18%), and to fuel a shoe obsession (10%). However 37% of women said that they purchased shoes to cheer themselves up. Wow, the ladies need quite a lot of cheering up!

If you ask a lady why she needs so many shoes, she will often reply that she needs different shoes for each different occasion. That sounds fine, but how many different occasions can there be? Let’s think, there are formal occasions, party occasions, work occasions, beach occasions, and one or two other occasions. No, no, no, that is thinking like a man! The fact is that women see each new day as a new occasion, and even moments within the day being new occasions. This has the advantage of practically making the occasions practically infinite!

The other point about shoes is that women buy shoes for themselves. Men very rarely venture into the shoe territory. Men will purchase jewellery for their special lady, they will buy handbags, sometimes they will buy accessories or even outfits, but rarely or will they ever buy shoes for the lady. The reason is that the risk is too great and dangerous. There can be consequences, intended or unintended…

The most important thing about shoes is their loyalty. With women’s shifting weight, dresses and jeans can sometimes be a traitor to their owner, but shoes will always fit. And so shoes will always have a special place in a woman’s heart, especially when you are waiting for that unexpected occasion when a Prince might knock at the door with a shoe in his hand, the special occasion when an ordinary girl can be transformed into a princess by a simple shoe. With a shoe a lady can, at a stroke, alter her height, and alter her standing in society in a few simple steps. No, it is no longer surprising that women love shoes with a passion.

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