Friday, 17 June 2011


There is one sports car that needs no introduction.

The name is Martin. Aston Martin. The name says it all. They say that double barrelled names are posh, but who has ever heard of a car with a double barrelled name? Well, there is only one. Martin. Aston Martin.

The Aston Martin is quite simply the most handsome and stylish car there is. He  is the Paul Newman, Sean Connery or Brad Pitt of cars. Yes, he is the most handsome, and his charisma and charm is a constant. Other makes of car have, on occasions, hit on beautiful designs from time to time, but each-Jaguar, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mercedes-have moved on to new designs, leaving their beautiful creations behind.

Martin. Aston Martin has not. They hit on near perfection early, and have been perfecting perfection ever since. After all, if you have a design which is stunningly beautiful, why would you want to change it? So that is why we have the wide-eyed look, the simple smile of the Aston Martin. Technical improvements have occurred, the inside has been made ever more luxurious, but the facial beauty remains a constant.

It is not surprising that Aston Martin has always been associated with James Bond and his films, because here are two heroes that despite all the obstacles that are placed in their path, they always survive with charm and panache. Each is a living legend. And each always gets the girl.

You may go out with other cars, but you will never forget the time you went out with an Aston Martin, because he remains the most handsome of them all. You will not forget the name, because there is only one Martin. Aston Martin. 

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