Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Loch Ness Monster is back!

Just when we thought she had gone away, Nessie is back. Yes, the Loch Ness Monster has been spotted on Google Earth. There she is in all her splendour going for an afternoon swim, as one does in the summer, and she has had her privacy invaded. She has probably had her phone hacked, just to get this picture. You can not go anywhere these days without somebody creeping up beside you and taking a photograph.

Some people have said that this is just a picture of a boat. Yeah, right! If boats travel under the water in Scotland, you won't find me travelling on one!

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I have dug this poem out of the archives to remind us about dear old Nessie.

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                          Nessie's Poem 
In Scotland's ragged mountains in high Inverness,
Lies the quiet tranquility of lovely Loch Ness,
It's most famous resident is a lady monster called Nessie,
Her story is so cute, but frankly just a little messy!!

Strong rumours abound that Nessie doesn't even exist,
Despite all the evidence, the rumours persist,
But she's appeared in photos, and even on the telly,
But some still have doubts about our dear Nessie.

It appears she's really quite a beautiful creature,
With many a refined and delicate feature,
Covered from head to toe in slime-coloured green,
She's really the strangest animal that's never been seen!

Nessie has a very long neck and enormous tail,
And with such a small head, actually looks quite frail,
But she has deep brown, wild and elusive eyes,
That completes her weird and elaborate disguise.

Nothing impedes Nessie, the weed or the rock.
As she dives to the deepest depths of the loch,
She moves through the water with such unerring ease,
She's the queen of the water if you please!

Nessie first got noticed when she reared out of the water,
And shocked the wits out of the local doctor's daughter!
But really she's not usually so frightening,
Except when there is a little thunder or lightening.

Every year the tourists come and they gaze
Through the loch’s dim waters’ haze,
But Nessie lives in the depths of the loch,
And if she really appeared she would give everyone a shock!

The scientists have said she's just not for real,
They've called her an otter, or even a seal,
And I don't know how they possibly could
But they've even called her a log of wood!!!

Many a clear photograph, however, has been taken,
And her clear, bright features can hardly be mistaken,
She can sometimes be seen plunging or diving,
I can assure you it's true that she's really thriving!

But Nessie doesn't like to be in the public eye,
She's really quite retiring, bashful and shy,
And by disappearing with such regular persistence,
She continues to cast doubt on her very existence!!

Although Nessie's life is steeped in deep mystery,
Her place is assured in Scotland's history,
But quite frankly, Nessie is a bit of a lady bounder,
And without a sense of humour we'd never have not found her!!!

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