Friday, 15 July 2011

How to Wear a Watch

How to wear a watch I hear you say? How daft is that? Everybody knows how to wear a watch; you just put it on don’t you? Or do you? Well, yes, you do but have you ever noticed that some people look incredibly good with watches, always with the right watch on the right occasion? That’s right, different watches suit different occasions, and that is one of the things that proper styling ensures, that the person looks good with their watch for the occasion in question.

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So let’s get rid of a few misapprehensions about watches. The first is probably that watches tell the time. Watches do not tell you the time. They show you the time, and if you are wearing them right, they will show you a good time.
The second thing is that people do not notice watches. You would be surprised; people pick up very quickly on the kind of watch you are wearing. Your watch is a statement to the world. Just a question-do you know which of your friends wears a Rolex or Cartier watch? I could be mistaken, but I think you will be able to name every person you know who has either of these watches. So watches do matter.

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Thirdly, watches are not a fashion item nor do they make a difference to what you are wearing. On the contrary, watches can make or break a look or an image. If you are dressed in a dress suit and you wear a cheap black digital watch, you are going to look silly. People will judge you on little or nothing these days, and if your watch does not suit the occasion or your clothes, you will suffer the consequences.

So, having got rid of some misapprehensions, let’s look at some positive points for wearing a watch.

Firstly, as you dress for the occasion, so your watch should suit your clothes. The watch should not bring your clothes or you down, nor should it be ‘over the top’. Wearing a Rolex in swimming costume and flip-flops when you are dressed for the beach is probably not appropriate. A plastic or rubber watch, which can also be stylish, might be more suitable.

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On the other hand, wearing a plastic watch to the office every day, may not also be appropriate unless you happen to work for Google. A stainless steel, or gold coloured watch may be more appropriate.
 So watch your step and choose your watch accordingly, so that you can be shown the time.

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