Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Water

Mirror, mirror on the water, who is so fair as to be your daughter?
Mirror, mirror on the water, would you lead your daughter to the slaughter?

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Here lie before us daughters of the mighty forest. Once they had pure green leaves and branches that stretched their beings to the sky. They revelled in their beauty and finery. They sang to the birds, they screamed to the skies. They mocked the river that held their roots. They boasted of their youth and beauty and everlasting life. They were glamorous and beautiful and knew it. And they didn’t care.

But all beauty is transient and fleeting. Here and now they stand in their thousands, stripped of all their clothes and finery, and clinging to life by a thread.  Now they cannot shy and hide away in their green finery. Oh no! They are exposed in front of all by a mirror which shows them for what they really are. Barren trees, ravaged and raped by the river and the forest that exposes them, and offers them up as an offering of art and beauty as though a painting on their surface.

Even the bark has been stripped from their tall taut bodies, and they stand exposed, naked, and humiliated. They stand grimacing, quivering between life and death, not knowing whether to gain a heavenly strength from their inner core, and spring new life, and grow to live, or live to grow. Or they could go with the flow, and let the seed of life deep within quietly fade and die. They would give their small bodies to the river, the mirror that exposes their weakness, and tries to control their fate. They fade as they fall, and would slowly sink to the depths of the waters and become decomposed within its depths.

So as these daughters of the forest quiver between life and death, we should reflect on the terrible beauty and power of Mother Nature in the realization that she may have many daughters who would like to be more beautiful and more powerful, who would try to pull her from her pedestal, but she is still the most beautiful and powerful of them all, and all false pretenders are ruthlessly dealt with. 

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